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Affiliated Partners

This is our trusted partners who enhance our services and deliver exceptional value to you.

These collaborations are key to our commitment to innovative solutions and community development.

Affiliated Partners | Umstead Enterprises

Capital Partners Group LLC has been operating in the Washington DC Metro Area since 2003. They are a real estate investment company with a mission to make housing more affordable. They achieve this by buying, renovating, selling, and managing residential properties, making homeownership accessible. They currently manage over 100 homes and are dedicated to providing dependable returns to their investors.

MD Tax Help is a dedicated program of Capital Partners Group, specializing in resolving tax issues for businesses and individuals in Maryland, Virginia, and the DC Metro area. Their services focus on addressing various problems, including delinquent property taxes, levies, liens, back taxes, probate, property in foreclosure, and other tax-related issues. They cater to a wide range of clients, including heirs, estates, retirees, out-of-state owners, landlords, and guardians.

We’re proud to have Capital Partners Finance as our sister company. This affiliation enables us to provide our clients with access to a wider range of financing solutions for their real estate investments. Capital Partners Finance specializes in lending, construction finance, insurance receivables, micro-loans, and other financial services. With their expertise, we can offer a more comprehensive suite of services to our clients, ensuring that we can meet all of their real estate needs under one roof.

Our partnership with Nicol Enterprises has enabled us to provide our clients with property management services prioritizing efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and tenant satisfaction. With their experience in property management and construction, we can provide a seamless and high-quality experience for our clients. This has allowed us to enhance our portfolio of multi-unit developments and expand our offerings to meet the growing demand for affordable housing solutions.

We’ve established joint venture relations with several companies and individuals to further our mission of community development and affordable housing solutions. Our JV partnerships enable us to pool resources and expertise to achieve our goals and impact our communities more.

is a proactive public accounting and consulting firm offering a variety of services both domestically and internationally. A trusted partner in finance, accounting, and business solutions, dedicated to assisting businesses, individuals, trusts, and non-profit organizations since 2012. Their commitment has earned them the trust and admiration of clients, ranging from small startups to large corporations worth billions of dollars.

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